Exhibition Venues

There are two exhibitions touring in parallel.

Here is the current list of exhibition venues, together with links and contact details.

Scottish Jewish and Muslim schoolchildren study the Torah in Hebrew - Part of the Scots Jews Photography Exhibition


The Jewish Museum - Prague
February to March 2017

The Jewish Museum - Brno
April to May 2017


Sinagoga Maribor Museum - Maribor
May to August 2018

Negova Castle - Spodnji Ivanjci
September to October 2018


Jewish Museum - London
September 2016 to February 2017


Centro Sefarad Israel – Madrid
May to June 2017

Centro de Estudios Lebaniegos - Potes
September to October 2017


Jerusalem Theatre – Jerusalem
February to March 2018

Netanyah AACI - Netanyah
March to May 2018


The Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum - Vilnius
August to October 2015


JCC Warsaw - Warsaw
March to April 2016

JCC Krakow - Krakow
March to April 2016

Yeshivat Chachmei Lublin Synagogue – Lublin
May to June 2016

White Stork Synagogue – Wrocław
July to December 2016


The Scottish Parliament - Edinburgh
February 2014

Rozelle House - Ayr
July to September 2014

Aberdeen Central Library - Aberdeen
September to December 2014

Street Level Photoworks - Glasgow
February to April 2015

Linlithgow Burgh Halls - Linlithgow
May to August 2015

Gracefield Arts Centre - Dumfries
October 2015 to January 2016

Dunoon Burgh Hall - Dunoon
November 2017